Westchester County Parade Judges Association
Organized - 1973

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                                                                       Our Mission

It is the purpose of our association to provide fire departments, companies and associations,a uniform and equitable means of judging parades, and other event competition, for the benefit of all, with a strong emphasis and goal of developing a closer relationship in the fire service. We will accomplish this by providing the parade, and other event sponsors, with a sufficient number of well trained and qualified Parade Judges to fulfill this obligation, relieving the sponsor of concern regarding favoritism and partiality in presenting their awards.


Is your Department hosting a Parade for the 2017 season? 
  Our Judges are available to come to your location with a presentation on our rules and judging techniques. This can be helpful to both the parade host and the parade participants.  There is no charge for our services. Please contact our Vice
President to request a presentation or more information.

                            Officers   2015-2016

President Rich Giuliani - Past Chief Union Vale FD
     914-804-7447              richg67@optimum.net

Vice President Bob Outhouse - Past Chief Buchanan FD
     914-760-2331              k9amy@aol.com

Treasurer Spence Terwilliger - Past Chief Lake Carmel FD

Secretary Paul Gallagher - Past Chief Katonah FD 
    914-533-7540               onepaulgny@gmail.com


                  JOE MOORE MEMORIAL AWARD
Awarded at each Westchester Cty. Conv. parade we judge to  the Best Overall WCVFA member.

for the 2017 season
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